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We use telemedicine to provide you with quality mental health care in the privacy of your own home.

Making your first appointment with us is easy!

If you are already a patient with us, you can contact us through Kareo Patient Portal.

Haven't seen us before?

Here is how to set up your initial appointment

Step 1

Request an appointment

Click HERE to request an appointment online


Call us at:  1-888-727-9022

Step 2

Confirm your info

We will send you an email with a link to securely confirm your info and fill out forms online. 

Step 3

Prepare for appointment

Have a Zoom account set up, and ready to go for your appointment.

First Appointment

Request an appointment

Zoom - Blue.jpg

APC uses Zoom to bring mental healthcare directly to you!

Don't have a Zoom account?

Getting one is easy and free!

Just click the link below and follow the instructions to make a Basic Zoom account.

Click here for - More info


Contact us

Appointment Tips

Logging in

  • You will get a Zoom meeting invitation 12 hours before your appointment.

  • Join your Zoom appointment 15 minutes early.

  • Headphones can help reduce background noise and help maintain privacy.

Where should you be?

  • Try to find a quiet and private place with few distractions.

  • You need to physically be in a State where we currently provide our services - More info

- For your safety -

Please don't drive during your appointment!

Internet Connection

  • Wi-Fi or a wired connection is strongly recommended for quality video appointments

  • You can check the internet speed where you plan on having your appointment - More info

Appointment Tips
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