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Using Telemedicine to bring Psychiatric Care to where it is needed.

Associate Psychiatric Care

Just as our name suggests, we are a company that acts as partners with healthcare facilities in order to make psychiatric care more available in locations where these services are hard to find. We utilize telemedicine to enable our psychiatric nurse practitioners to provide psychiatric assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up at locations within the community that may be lacking these services.

Due to the high demand for psychiatric services within the senior community, partnerships with assisted living facilities, nursing homes, and independent living facilities are our primary focus. By providing telemedicine services to these communities, the need for transportation, which is often times a barrier to patients receiving appropriate psychiatric care, is eliminated.

With this in mind, our focus is to partner with senior living facilities, so that the psychiatric care is available within the facility itself. 

What is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine is basically a "video phone call" that allows patients and healthcare providers to speak in a face-to-face manor, while they are each at a different location. 

It removes the time needed to travel between facilities, which increases our nurse practitioner's ability to visit with patients at different sites. In addition, this type of practice fits very well for mental healthcare. It allows the provider to not only hear the patient, but to also view them during appointments.

Doctor of geriatrics sitting at the desk

Our Services.

Facility residents can now have on site scheduled psychiatric consults and ongoing care for issues including:  depression, anxiety, dementia, and the behavioral disturbances associated with dementia.


 We work with each facility to align our services with what they need.

Things like working out appointment schedules, setting up and maintaining telemed units, communicating directly with facility staff, and delivering medical records by EMR or Fax.

Our Staff

Our medical staff consists of highly qualified psychiatric  nurse practitioners (under psychiatrist supervision)  that provide the telepsychiatry, and will often be communicating directly with facilities to discuss patient needs.

Telemed Station

Associate Psychiatric Care provides HIPAA compliant Telemed Stations.


These units are mobile and easily moveable for use in private settings such as patient rooms, or a private area of the Facility.


Partnering with us reduces the need, and costs, of transporting senior living facility residents to clinics and hospitals to receive appropriate psychiatric care.

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