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Practices and Clinics

Clinic and practice patients can now have on site scheduled psychiatric consults and ongoing care for for many different issues.

If you are a therapist or counselor seeking to refer your clients to us for psychiatric care, please email Ben Eggebeen, director of business development at or by calling 615-505-3733 

Visit One of our Partner Organizations to Make and Appointment with One of our Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners.


NP Clinic

White House and Hendersonville Tennessee

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 Partnership With


an Organization

 We work with each facility to align our services with what they need.

Things like working out appointment schedules, setting up and maintaining telemed units, communicating directly with facility staff, and delivering medical records by EMR or Fax.

Our Staff

Our medical staff consists of highly qualified psychiatric  nurse practitioners (under psychiatrist supervision)  that provide the telepsychiatry, and will often be communicating directly with facilities to discuss patient needs.

Telemed Station

Associate Psychiatric Care provides HIPAA compliant Telemed Stations.


These units are mobile and easily moveable for use in private settings such as patient rooms, or a private area of the Facility.

Ease of Care

Partnering with APC gives you a psychiatric nurse practitioner right in your offices.  We can see your patients in the privacy of your office under your supervision. 

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